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Welcome to Joyful Creations Studio

At Joyful Creations Studio, we believe that music and art are for everyone! Our New Haven, IN studio is designed to let creativity flow! We have a team of experienced educators who emphasize creativity and confidence-building, rather than performance. Our music classes for children are taught by Accredited Kindermusik Educators and art instructors. Kindermusik classes are a great way for kids to explore their creativity, build confidence, and meet new people. We can’t wait to share our love of music and art with you. Come and explore your creativity with us today!

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About the Studio

Kids at Kindermusik Class at Joyful Creations Studio in New Haven, IN

Our Why

Joyful Musicians was founded in 2018 by Jill Hockemeyer in order to bring joy to young children and their families by offering Kindermusik classes. Since that time, we have seen the positive impact and effects of not only providing Kindermusik classes to young children but offering support to the caregivers of those young children. This is how the idea for Joyful Creations Studio came to be.

At Joyful Creations Studio, we believe that the learning process is more important than performance. Our team is committed to making sure your kids express their creativity and have fun when they are attending our classes and lessons. We create experiences that help them establish their self-confidence and develop social-emotional skills.

What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is a research-based music and movement curriculum. Not only does it give your kid’s brain a complete workout, it builds confidence at every stage.

Jill Hockenmeyer with a student at Joyful Creations Studio

Meet the Team

Jill Hockenmeyer, Founder of Joyful Creations Studio

Jill Hockemeyer

Founder of the business, Jill Hockemeyer, was inspired to become a Kindermusik licensed educator because she witnessed firsthand how music has had a positive impact in the lives of her own children. Jill attended Kindermusik classes with her children, and saw how many developmental benefits the classes provided. Now she combines her passion of working with young children, her love of music, and connecting young families to each other by offering Kindermusik classes to them, as well as piano lessons to individuals that are age seven and above.

Dylan Brown, Guitarist at Joyful Creations Studio

Dylan Brown

Dylan Brown is a guitarist who is currently earning a Bachelor degree in both Music Technology in an Outside Field, and Classical Guitar Performance. He has been playing guitar for eleven years and collegiately studying classical guitar for four. His specialties include fingerstyle, classical, and surf guitar but he is not shy about any genre of music! When he is not playing music he is probably enjoying a nice, hot cuppa’ joe! He is very excited to be teaching guitar and hopes to strum some chords with you someday!
Rachel Corwin, Clarinetist at Joyful Creations Studio

Rachel Corwin

Rachel Corwin is a clarinetist currently studying Music Education and Music Performance at Purdue University Fort Wayne. She has been playing clarinet for 10 years, and she loves to play at churches, holiday programs, and other local events in the community. Rachel enjoys teaching marching band, concert band, and clarinet lessons at various schools in the Kokomo and Fort Wayne areas. Outside of playing and teaching music, Rachel loves to draw, paint, and spend time with friends and family. Rachel is happy to be teaching clarinet at Joyful Creations Studio, and she aims to make a positive impact in the lives of the students she teaches through music.
Nathan Jackson, Multi-Instrumentalist at Joyful Creations Studio

Nathan Jackson

Nathan Jackson is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with a Bachelor’s of Music Performance with a concentration on classical guitar from Purdue University Fort Wayne. He has been playing guitar for 15 years and has been studying classical guitar for 6 years. He is most experienced with classical, rock/blues, and jazz styles. Outside of school and teaching, he has been composing and recording his own original music regularly for about 10 years. He enjoys helping aspiring musicians build their skill and find joy in music.
Alden Longsworth, Trumpeter at Joyful Creations Studio

Alden Longsworth

Alden Longsworth is a Trumpeter currently studying Music Education at Purdue University Fort Wayne. He has been playing the trumpet for nine years and giving private lessons for three. Alden enjoys teaching marching band and concert band in his hometown, and trumpet lessons online. Alden’s hobbies consist of listening to music, hanging with friends, and spending time with his family. He also aims to teach his students that music can speak more than words.
Laura Mergy, Violinist at Joyful Creations Studio

Laura Mergy

Laura Mergy is a violinist currently studying music at Purdue Fort Wayne. Since the age of four, she has become well versed in violin by the Suzuki method and has completed Suzuki teacher training units 1, 2, and 3. While utilizing classical music in her teaching, she also loves to fiddle around with other genres, such as bluegrass and country. When not teaching, she performs music for church, funerals, and anywhere else that violin music is needed! Laura is excited to be teaching at Joyful Creations Studio and hopes to encourage a love of music in all her students.
Christian Urizar, Pianist at Joyful Creations Studio

Christian Urizar

Christian Urizar is an undergraduate student in the Music Performance program at Purdue University Fort Wayne emphasizing in piano performance. He currently plays piano in the PFW Wind Ensemble alongside his classmates. He is originally from Rhode Island but moved to Guatemala City, Guatemala where he lived most of his childhood and early young adult life. While living in Guatemala, Christian studied classical piano at the National Music Conservatory of Guatemala and also played drums in popular music bands. He currently teaches piano to many age groups and enjoys listening to live music with his friends around Fort Wayne.


“We absolutely love our Kindermusik classes with Miss Jill! Her studio is always so nice, clean, and organized. Both of my kids love her classes and have so much fun each week in class. I highly recommend taking a class from Miss Jill!”

– Ashley

“The variety of music activities kept my grandson engaged. He enjoyed using different musical instruments, using movement, and singing new songs.”

– Doug

“Our daughter has been attending Kindermusik classes at Joyful Creations Studio for about 9 months and we have loved every single class! Miss Jill brings a ton of enthusiasm, passion and personal relationship to each class! From extra books for the students to look at before class, to an activity themed to the unit, and a physical story book to go with each unit, we are more than pleased with the value of Kindermusik with Joyful Creations Studio. Our 2 yr old walks around singing songs from class and looks forward to seeing her music friends each week!”

– Alyssa

“My daughter loves Kindermusik! She loves the books, music and dancing! I work full time so my mother in law takes her weekly. I love all the memories they are making together and I love hearing about all the fun they are having each week!”

– Heidi

“Miss Jill is an amazing teacher and my daughter and I look forward to Kindermusik every week. It has been a great experience watching my baby learn, grow, and interact with other children each week and I have also met some wonderful parents while attending class. I would definitely recommend Kindermusik (especially when it’s taught by an amazing instructor like Jill).”

– Kayleigh

For more information about our classes, please contact us at 260-245-1695 today!

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